Web Services

Website Consultation

This is a service to address all your questions concerning your existing or new website your want to build. We will breakdown all the technologies and expertise that you need to own and manage your website all by yourself.

Domain Name Registration Guide

We will take you through a step by step process of acquiring a domain that suites your organisation. We will also provide guidance on basic domain name server management to ensure your domain’s accessibility is maintained within your organisation

Website Hosting & Security

Our web hosting servers are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure speed, reliability and security. We also provide daily backup of your website files.

Website Development

Get in touch with us for a robust, responsive and well structured website that is highly optimised for your search engine rankings, making you visible to potential partners and donors

Cloud Services

Cloud Consult

Cloud Consult is a free consultation service that seeks to provide a clear understanding of the Microsoft cloud solution for nonprofits. We help organisations to acquire the most suitable license option to ensure optimum usage.

Domain Name Redirection

Let us support you to bring your domain name over to Microsoft cloud and have unlimited access to highly secured mail client, huge storage capacity and ability to share and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Setup

This service is a complete setup and deployment of Microsoft cloud for organisations that includes domain name redirection, user licensing, admin orientation and end user training.

Email Migration

Whether a single or multiple mailbox, our team is well equipped to migrate your mailbox(es) from your current mail client to Microsoft 365. Take advantage today!

On Demand Custom-made Services

Software Installation

We provide installation and deployment for a wide range of software and applications that may seem complex in nature. We have all the support you need.

Basic Security Setup

Our digital security is available to assess your infrastructure and provide tailor-made interventions to protect you and your digital assets. Let us provide the assistance you need to stay fully secured.

Custom Tech Trainings

We have seasoned and experienced Tech experts to take your team through a variety of training to provide them with the skills and expertise to manage your entire Tech infrastructure.

Hive Mind Platform

Hive Mind is a learning space for Digital Activists that help civil society actors to build their digital resilience. This is a space for learning and exchange of practice. Join our community and feel free to use high-quality educational materials.

TechSoup Courses

Wondering where you can get access to a large pool of knowledge resources in Technology? Our courses platform has expert-led tech training designed for nonprofits. What will you learn next?